Why learn Chinese?

There are a million reasons to learning Chinese but we see most people fall into 2 main buckets.

1. Reconnect with family (for X-born Chinese)

Whether you're first, second or a greater generation of the Chinese diaspora, you're fortunate enough to have been born with two identities! Though having been raised up outside of China, we understand that there's a cultural connection that sometimes feels missing and a majority of our students want to learn Chinese to reconnect and understand their parents, grandparents and a little bit of who they really are.

2. Enlarging career opportunities

As the world shifts focus from America towards Asia and China, those with linguistic and cultural literacy in the region will have a huge advantage in exploiting opportunities that arise in the space. Whether it be starting the next unicorn company or scoring an amazing role, Chinese language and Asian cultural understanding is the key if you ever have any thoughts about working in anywhere near the Indo-Pacific region.

These 2 buckets are definitely not exhaustive! We've met people who want to learn Chinese because of their partner (that's true love) or because they simply like the look of the characters.

Whatever your goals are, we're here to help.

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