Video vs in-person lessons?

A common query that we receive goes "Will being taught by video affect the quality/speed of my learning?"

We don't believe so and these are the main reasons why:

1. Access to better teachers

The chances are the best teacher for you isn't living in your geographical vicinity (and put up a Gumtree ad at the time you're looking). Learning through video lets you acecss an entire network of people you wouldn't otherwise have access to so you can find the one that works for you!

2. You've already been learning online

You've seen your uni friends learn entire uni courses in 3 days through recorded lectures. If they can do it for univeristy, you can do it for language. We know you would never skip class though, you're a great student 😘

3. Anywhere and anytime

Whether you're in New York's Soho or the depths of China's Yellow Mountain, online lessons let you take classes anywhere and anytime that works for you. More convenient and more efficient so you have more Netflix time.

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