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Real Time Class Notes and Homework Submission

Culturestride Culturestride Jun 01, 2020 · 2 mins read
Real Time Class Notes and Homework Submission
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Version 1 of real time teaching notes and homework submission tool for Culturestride students is live now!

We felt that the manual Word Docs that were being passed back and forth between students and teachers in the online language learning process could be modernised with a Google-doc like real time collaborative experience within our platform.

We didn’t find anything out there that would work for our purposes so we built it 🤷‍♀️.

Real time collaborative class notes and homework lets students and teachers share new words, class content and miscellaneous notes real lesson time and gives students an open platform to submit and have their homework reviewed and corrected in a one place.

Students can now learn and retain their new learnt language better with a centralised and up to date repository of all their lesson notes and previous homework submissions.

Culturestride Class Notes

How to use real time class notes

  1. To start a lesson and start real time notes, teachers need to first login to their teacher portal and start a class.
  2. Log into your Culturestride account.
  3. Click into your Classroom tab and a new class should be created with the date of your class. Culturestride Classroom Tab
  4. Click into “Class Notes” of your chosen class.
  5. The live text editor will connect in a couple of seconds and your document will be live! You can see who else is looking at this text editor at the same time on the top right of the editor. Culturestride Real Time Text Editor
  6. When your class is finished or you’re done editting your notes, don’t forget to save your changes on the top right corner.

How to submit homework

  1. Log into your Culturestride account
  2. Click on the Classroom tab.
  3. Click on the Homework button of the associated class that you’re completing homework for. Culturestride Homework Button
  4. A live text document will open up where you can submit your homework, don’t forget to save your changes on the top right corner. Your teacher also has access to this document so in-class or at any other time, they can review and add notes into your homework submission which you can see in real time!


If you have any feedback, suggestions or bug reports, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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