An easier, more creative way to learn language is here - Practical Classes

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An easier, more creative way to learn language is here - Practical Classes
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The TLDR Summary
- Practical classes are small group classes (2-3 students with 1 teacher) which focus on improving your real ability to speak
- Learn faster and retain more effectively when you're taught vocabulary and grammar as you encounter it
- Classes costs AUD 9 per class or AUD 39 when included with a 1-hr private Theory class

Join small group communication-focused classes to build your real ability to speak

Why have we built Practical classes?
Some students have been telling us for a while that it’s difficult to find time and opportunities outside of lessons to practice Mandarin.

With language being a “use-it-or-lose-it” skill, students feel “demoralised” because their reason for learning was too far-fetched and blurry in the future.

We felt that there was an opportunity to help students feel the value of language so we began to looking into more social and engaging ways for language usage which could complement the private 1-on-1 approach.

Which leads us to…The Practical Class format!

What are Practical classes?
Practical classes are small group classes with 2-3 students at similar levels and 1 teacher focused entirely on building up the students’ ability to speak in real situations.

Teachers facilitates conversations between students and jump in only to set structure, facilitate conversational flow, correct mistakes and teach new content as students need it to express something.

Students integrate what they’ve learnt in real conversations they’re likely to encounter in the wild like:

  • How to order food in restaurants whilst talking to their peers as mock restaurant patrons
  • Speaking to patients in as mock doctors (this student is a practicing doctor)
  • Performing magic shows (this students is a full-time magician!).

Each group can set the topic week to week so it stays relevant to the learners.

Ultimately, Practical classes are a more creative, fun and social way to use Mandarin so you learn more effectively over time.

How much does it cost?
AUD 9 for a single Practical class. AUD 39 when bundled with a private 1-on-1 Theory class. See all pricing options.

Who is this for?
Practical classes are great for learners of all levels who want to focus on improving their ability to communicate in general, everyday conversations with a variety of people.

Practical classes are less suited for learners who want to focus on technical vocabulary (i.e. deep medical jargon) and are already proficient conversationally unless a group can be formed with another learner who also wants to focus on the same vocabulary.

Meet the teachers teaching Practical classes right now

Merry out of Suzhou (can speak Mandarin, English)
Olivia out of Shanghai (can speak Mandarin, Shanghainese, English)

Join now to try out a more creative and natural way to learn Mandarin
We’ve also restructured the free trial period to include 2 classes including 1 Theory class (private 1-on-1) and 1 Practical class.

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