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Culturestride in SBS Australia

Culturestride Culturestride Mar 05, 2020 · 1 min read
Culturestride in SBS Australia
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Culturestride founder Michael Liang has been featured in SBS Mandarin’s podcast interviewing him about what Culturestride is, why Culturestride was created and how this online language school is different.

SBS Podcast (Chinese)

Translated Description in English:

UNSW Graduate Michael Liang released an online Chinese learning platform called Culturestride, to help Australian students learn Chinese from Chinese native teachers.

When mentioning his own study experience, Michael said “when I was in high school studying Chinese, I realised that accessibility to Chinese teachers was difficult to come by.”

“Part of the reason it sometimes felt difficult to master Chinese was because teachers weren’t typically Chinese natives. My teacher was Singaporean where Chinese is typically used as a second langauge.”

Following the growth of China’s importance to Australia’s economy, international trade and the China-America trade agreement, more and more people are interested in learning Chinese.

Whilst living in Shanghai for a period of time, Michael saw a market opportunity. Reflecting on his own Chinese experience, he created an online learning platform with the hope of helping other Australians learn Chinese. His platform can allow students to learn directly from Chinese teachers situated in China.

Michael told SBS Mandarin, lots of his friends and colleagues want to learn Chinese but finding certified Chinese teachers is relatively expensive. After living in Shanghai for a period of time, he decided to use his own experience and everything he’s learnt to help people learn Chinese better.

He said, the difference between this platform is the way students pay, his platform lets students master Chinese better by charging according to standardised Chinese HSK levels, this way students learn in a more relaxed environment with better results.

Please click on the podcast to listen to Michael Liang’s story (in Chinese).

Original Description in Chinese:

毕业于新南威尔士大学商学院的Michael Liang推出了一个在线视频中文学习平台Culturestride,使澳大利亚的学生可以向中国的中文教师学习中文。






他说, 不同于按时计费的教学模式,他所设计的在线学习平台以掌握中文的程度为标准进行收费,这样可以让学生学习起来更放松,效果更好。

请点击收听Michael Liang和他推广中文学习的故事。

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