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Culturestride Language Updates May 2020

Michael Liang Michael Liang May 15, 2020 · 2 mins read
Culturestride Language Updates May 2020
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We’ve been quite busy here the last couple of weeks building out our core product and experimenting with a little too many ideas on how to make the language learning experience better for everyone.

United under our grand mission, I’m happy to share some updates on what’s been going on behind the curtains!

What’s out

1. New dialect speaking teachers - Shanghainese

Welcome Andrei and Aimee to the team who are Shanghainese natives on top of being able to speak Mandarin and English.

Shanghainese accelerated learning of Mandarin has been hotly requested for a long time and apologies for the students that we weren’t able to help because we didn’t have this up earlier, we’re finally able to support students who may speak Shanghainese at home to learn Mandarin sooo much faster than if they were just going from English to Mandarin.

Andrei and Aimee are two of the nicest, funnest and most patient teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, you can check out Andrei’s intro video and Aimee’s intro video to see for yourself.

Shanghainese is being added on top of our already existing offering of Cantonese supported Mandarin teaching.

2. You guys teach Cantonese now??

Not yet! But we’ll be soon. We’re actively training new Cantonese teachers to the Culturestride standard to begin teaching Cantonese under the jyutping system.

As a Cantonese speaker myself, it’s super exciting to see one of my native tongues and probably the funniest sounding language in the world being shared to new students.

3. Pop Culture, Language Partner and Culturestride Account is out on Beta

Culturestride Universe has been rebranded to Pop Culture where we introduce and help our students fall in love with Chinese culture, entertainment and music. We’re helping our students surround themselves with Chinese culture in a way that only falls short of the level of immersion you’d get packing up and moving to China.

Check out Pop Culture within your Culturestride account.

Language Partners are now also being rolled out for all existing and new students to increase the opportunities students have to practice what you learn in class in real life scenarios in both 1 on 1 and group settings. Thanks to all the existing Chinese natives that have participated in this so far and look forward to expanding this further!

If you’re a Chinese native interested in doing English-Chinese language exchange, sign up here (we’re still looking for more people)!

Finally, Culturestride accounts have been built and rolled out in Beta to give students a single place to manage all of their lessons, payments and supporting materials.

Check out the portal within your Culturestride account.

4. Two New Team Members

Welcome to these two guns, William Lin and Jonathan Wang who’ve joined the team and helping Culturestride bring people closer together! Look forward to seeing what we create in the future 😀.

What’s coming

I don’t know probably more weird ideas that like just work.

Michael Liang
Written by Michael Liang
Co-Founder of Culturestride.