Bever Xu


Mandarin, English, Cantonese

About me

Hi!This is Bever~I am a active and friendly girl.
I have a lot of habbits.One is dancing,but I am a dance beginer.My dance is really not good,but I enjoyed the process when I leran that,which make me forgot all the things,just dance.
What's more ,I love to talk with people to share something happened to me and my feelings.
Nice to meet you here!Hope to see you in my class

My teaching

I have been teaching Chinese for 4 years.With my help,one of a students can do basic listening,speaking and writing after 30 periods.And I also become their frineds,I prefer to say they are my good frineds.

Pricing (AUD)

Theory class: $39

Theory + Practical class: $39

Practical class: $9

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