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Merry Huang

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Merry Huang
5.0 (8)
Shanghai, China


English, Mandarin, Hakka

About me

Hello,welcome to Merry's class! I am a easy-going and optimistic girl , I like to laugh, so we will have a relaxing and happy atmosphere in our class. Untill now,I have 4 years of Chinese teaching experience. The students I teach arrange from children, teenagers to adults. I will design different courses according to the characteristics and chinese levels of the students, so that students can improve their Chinese ability quickly. Looking forward to your coming to my class, I believe we will start a happy journey of Chinese learning together.

My teaching

Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Trying to use the easiest and simplest ways to help students learn chinese happily.

Student reviews

Josh Ting 5

Merry was excellent! She helped me understand and learn new vocabulary and expressions. She helped the conversation continue to flow and feel natural (in spite of my many mistakes). She is a very patient teacher! Highly recommend.

Kate Lee 5

Merry is a friendly, supportive teacher that helps you to learn a lot in your lesson.

Kate Lee 5

I enjoyed Merry's class - she makes me use my brain!

Richard Zhang 5

Merry is a very good Chinese teacher. She speaks clearly and at a pace that is easy to understand, asks good questions and comes up with lots of examples to help us learn. She is also really funny.

Damon Wan 5

Merry is a very nice teacher, offers new vocab and intelligent. Recommend