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Olivia Wu

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What to expect in class

Olivia Wu
5.0 (17)
Shanghai, China


English, Mandarin, Shanghainese

About me

Hi everyone!I am Olivia.I was born in Shanghai and always have been living here.This international city shows me the culture of both Chinese and foreign countries.I like to communicate with people from all over the world! I started to teach mandarin in 2012. I entered a mandarin school and learnt courses on how to teach.After I passed the school exam,I became a qualified mandarin teacher.Having been teaching Chinese for several years, I feel more and more proud of my own language and culture. I also feel more interested about other cultures. I have traveled in Australia in 2017, that's an amazing journey. I like eating delicious food, I like reading and traveling. I also like singing Chinese songs, glad to sing with you together ^_^ Welcome to my class, see you!

My teaching

Learning a new language is not easy. Learning a new language need perseverance. I will try my best to make the classes fun so that my student can keep going. I like to discuss the class content with each student to design a class mode that suits him/her the best.

Student reviews

Vanessa Chang 5

I'm really happy I found Olivia's class!

Vanessa Chang 5

My first CultureStride class! I had a great time practicing with Olivia and my classmates! I'll be coming back!

Kate Lee 5

Olivia is an excellent teacher that is funny, sweet, and supportive to her students and encourages them to improve.

Kate Lee 5

Olivia's classes are always enjoyable and she helps you to improve your Mandarin. Olivia is kind and patient.

Peter Des Clayes 5

Olivia is a patient, kind and understanding teacher who tactfully corrects my poorly structured use/abuse of the Chinese language while, at the same time, providing an excellent insight into the Chinese way of life and way of thinking.