Lis Wang 望雅莉

Hubei province, China

Mandarin and English

My Special Skill
Helping you easily learn Chinese and comfortably.

My Teaching Style
I'm energetic, funny and I'll aim to teach you only what is useful. I will make Chinese such an enjoyable experience you won't want to stop.

About Me
I graduated with a Bachelors of Chinese Langauge from Hubei Normal University with international Chinese teaching qualifications.

Apart from teaching, I love exercise and sports. In my spare time, I enjoy yoga and dance where yoga brings balance to my life and dance creates a sense of happiness.

I'm living in Shanghai right now because from a young age, I loved an author who wrote a lot about the lifestyle in Shanghai. I was entranced and living in Shanghai every day gives me so much energy and motivation.

Recently I've also picked up video production and cooking as hobbies and have been loving life since!