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2 Months CEFR A1 Proficient

You will learn the basics of Chinese characters and grammar
150 Characters

You can read



+ 2 Months CEFR A2 Proficient

You can use Cantonese in simple everyday situations
300 Characters

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Culturestride Learning Approach

We leverage incredible teachers to build your ability to communicate in context.

1 Learn To Ask Questions

Learn to lead conversations and build relationships with natives

2 Digital Communication

Build your typing abilities with minimal focus on handwriting

3 No Passive Classes

50-80% of class time is spent on active participation so you never leave class unsatisfied

4 Adapted To You

Choose to focus more on reading, writing, speaking or listening with your teacher

Simple Pricing

Free Trial Lesson

All students receive a free trial lesson to experience Culturestride for themselves

Flexible Scheduling

Take classes whenever and wherever you want

Always 1-on-1

Language is best taught 1-on-1 so we stay away from group classes

Unlimited Access to Platform

Store all your class notes, homework and access free language resources in one place

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Jess Pan
Jess Pan

Joined May. 2020 Amobee

I decided to begin learning Chinese with Culturestride and after two months, I am already able to have simple conversations and aim to become fluent in speaking and reading.

Catherine Hu
Catherine Hu

Joined Feb. 2020 Google

Culturestride's private lessons have allowed me to progress my Chinese at a personalised pace, as my speaking and writing abilities are very different. Because of that reason, I've always found group lesson formats frustrating.

Andrew Snow
Andrew Snow

Joined Dec. 2019 InsideSherpa

The lessons are super practical and relatable, which helps a lot with learning. It's not like copying and writing the same character 10 times, but instead how to use language in a real-life situation.

Luke Hoad
Luke Hoad

Joined Dec. 2019 Citibank

Culturestride splits lessons up well so I get a good balance between speaking, reading, writing and revision. With in-depth PowerPoints and homework, I've been able to progress faster and retain my knowledge along the way.

Sarah Wu
Sarah Wu

Joined Feb. 2020 Deloitte

Culturestride and my teacher Lis has been amazing - they've adapted the pace (and the pricing model) to suit my needs since I already have some knowledge around the basics and a Cantonese background.

Cathy Su
Cathy Su

Joined Dec. 2019 Macquarie Bank

Being an ABC, I’ve always been urged by my Chinese friends or relatives to improve my Chinese. The decision to learn / re-learn Chinese from Culturestride was the best decision I ever made!

Kristian Bojidarov
Kristian Bojidarov

Joined Apr. 2020 John Holland

In a few months since joining Culturestride, I have gone from an HSK 2 level to now almost completing HSK 3 in Mandarin. The one-on-one online learning environment has allowed me to learn content at my desired pace