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We match you with your own native certified teacher in Mainland China.

Cantonese and Shanghainese dialect support available.

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A Private Tutor

Tutors vary in quality and price.

Goal: HSK 3 (conversational)

Time invested: 12 months+

Money invested: $2000 - $4000

Return on investment: Medium (varies)

Culturestride 1:1 Course

Highly qualified and native with the added convenience of remote lessons.

Goal: HSK 3 (conversational)

Time invested: 6 months

Money invested: $1950

Return on investment: High

University Course/Group Class

Group classes focus more on reading and writing.

Goal: HSK 3 (conversational)

Time invested: 24 months+

Money invested: $2500 - $4000

Return on investment: Low

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Cathy Su

Cathy Su (Macquarie Bank Associate, 22 years old, UNSW)

Being an ABC (Australian Born Chinese), I’ve always been urged by my Chinese friends or relatives to improve my Mandarin. The decision to learn / re-learn Mandarin from Culturestride was the best decision I ever made!

Returning home after a 1 month trip around China, I felt motivated more than ever to improve my Mandarin as I had stopped learning Chinese at a very young age and very much lost touch with my roots. Masae is a skilful, competent teacher and accelerated my Mandarin in 1 month!

Every lesson that I have with Masae is enjoyable yet challenging, as she knows my weak points very well, especially with forming sentences and fixing grammatical errors, and tailors every lesson to face my weak points head on. If you’re a complete beginner or looking to improve your Mandarin, Culturestride is the place to start!

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Jackson Hill (Polygon Landscape Architect, 23 years old, RMIT)

I first started learning Mandarin with the intention of communicating better with local Chinese people. I wanted to understand their perspective and culture better and to be able to travel more easily. My secondary goal was to be able to communicate in a Chinese business, but I knew this was a dream goal.

I've studied with a Culturestride tutor for 5 months now, and have already seen the results, especially while travelling. My phone broke while travelling alone in Western China, but I had already learnt enough mandarin to not only communicate my issue to some locals, but to then have dinner with them and talk about what we were studying and our thoughts on parts of China.

This is emblematic of my experience learning at Culturestride: you quickly learn the essentials of Chinese to a high level while also having the confidence to use it. More than this, cultural nuances and ideas that are not seen in textbooks are explained that make your Chinese not only more practical, but more relatable and interesting when you talk with people. I feel like this difference comes from learning from natives, which Culturestride is exclusively composed of.

With these teachers, I feel like my lofty goal of business Chinese is not a dream either, but may even be possible quite soon.

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Clemens Lindner

Clemens Lindner (David Chipperfield Architects, 25 years old, Technische Universität München)

I'm a German student and I've found learning with Culturestride (Masae) has been an incredible experience and has brought up my Chinese proficiency up super quickly. I started from no chinese exposure a month and a half ago and I'm already communicating at a HSK 2 level.

The teachers here are amazing, super friendly and really know how to teach. It's also so interesting to be able to pick up the cultural element from a native tutor that I think is quite unique. I'd recommend this to anyone considering learning Chinese and is serious about it.

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Andrew Snow

Andrew Snow (InsideSherpa Software Engineer, 22 years old, UNSW)

I've always aspired to learn another language but couldn't decide which. After travelling to China without any Mandarin, I decided to embark on the journey of learning the language. Chinese is known as one of the world's hardest languages to learn but after just two months with Culturestride, everything seems learn-able.

Although I am still new into my Chinese learning journey, I have already been able to pick up key characters and use a few Chinese super apps. The lessons are super practical and relatable, which I think helps a lot with learning. It's not like copying and writing the same character 10 times, but instead how to use words, characters and phrases in a real-life situation. I recommend Culturestride to anyone who wants to learn a new language, and be able to actually use that language in real life, in a short amount of time.

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Luke Hoad

Luke Hoad (Citibank, 23 years old, UNSW)

Wanting to learn Mandarin with no prior knowledge, I didn't know where to begin. After starting lessons with Masae, one of the tutors at Culturestride, she has helped me get through HSK1 in just 2 months. She splits lessons up well so I get a good balance between speaking, reading, writing and revision.

With her in-depth PowerPoints and homework, I've been able to progress faster and retain my knowledge along the way. On top of that, she's been really easy to connect with making the whole experience enjoyable too.

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Catherine Hu

Catherine Hu (Google, 23 years old, UNSW)

Culturestride's private lessons have allowed me to progress my Chinese at a personalised pace, as my speaking and writing abilities are very different. Because of that reason, I've always found group lessons and standardised lesson formats frustrating to complete. My teacher Lis and I only speak Chinese during our lessons to learn faster and she uses a range of online tools to help with the learning process. The online nature means a more flexible style of learning and I am very happy with my progress so far! I would definitely recommend Culturestride for learners of all levels to improve their Chinese.

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Sarah Wu

Sarah Wu (Deloitte Digital, 22 years old, UNSW)

I genuinely enjoy learning Chinese with the Culturestride team - as an ABC (Australian born Chinese), I felt as though there was an expectation that I could speak Mandarin whenever I was in China, especially when I spent a week in Taiwan over the summer and really struggled with speaking Chinese and helping my non-Chinese friends order food and shop.

Culturestride and my teacher Lis have been amazing - they've adapted the pace (and the pricing model) to suit my needs since I already have some knowledge around the basics and a Cantonese background with a good balance between learning, revising and practicing my conversation skills. Lis has also helped me connect Cantonese with Mandarin which is super helpful for realising the similarities and differences between the two. They make payments simple (no international transfer fees!) and have been flexible with my changing schedule. Would 100% recommend to anyone who has been thinking about learning Chinese!

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